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Doug Peters - Self Portrait VIIDesigner & Artist Doug Peters' Client Showcase

Hello! Welcome the the client showcase section of my portfolio. Please remember that I often work on temporary websites (such as convention/event registration websites), plus some clients are a little shy do not want to be showcased (personal websites). At the moment I am unemployed after Syd's Eastside downsized at the begining of the year, so I would be more than happy to schedule a project with you.

Industrial Equipment:

Lone Star Enterprises, Inc.
Although I haven't actually finished this website (there is supposed to be an animated slideshow on the front page, but they never send me the approved photos to update it with), it is available and public. Lonestar Enterprises, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roller-grinder mills and also offers remanufacturing services, including electric motor rebuilding and rewinding. The guys here are great to work with and do great work! The website uses a content management system so that pages can be added, deleted, edited and even scheduled for publishing online with all menus and links updated correctly. LSE is professionally hosted at Domain Hostmaster on our Linux hosting platform.

Metal Product Manufacturing & Welding:

Midwest Metal Work, Inc.
Midwest Metal Works is a premier metal products manufacturer. MMW offers contract welding, a laser cutting service and outsourced assembly services. I have been working with Midwest Metal Works to provide them with an easy-to-use professional web presence that reflects their business. The metalic header and footer is meant to reflect their capabilities as a laser cutting service, metal product manufacturer as well as a contract welding shop. We updated the logo a bit for the web presence, as well. MMW uses our Domain Hostmaster "Best of Breed" Linux web hosting solution in one of the largest and finest network operations centers in the country.

Automotive & Motorsport:

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars, Trucks & Rebuilder Vehicles
I not only designed the website, I also maintained it as the webmaster and promoted it as the online marketing directoruntil February of 2009. When I didn't have any other work, Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage was my full time employer, and they allowed me the flexibility I needed to be able to address my client's design, development and promotion concerns on a moments notice. This website features the ability to search the current inventory of used auto parts, new aftermarket car/truck parts and remanufactured automotive engines/components for available parts which are cross-indexed using the Hollander Interchange for accurate interchangable parts between makes, models and years.

Diesel Rebuild
An aftermarket rebuild parts and overhaul kits website supporting diesel and natural gas engine trucks and heavy equipment. Brand support includes Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar and others from quality aftermarket parts engineering and manufacturing giants such as IPD and Interstate-McBee. Diesel Rebuild Parts is a Syd's Eastside Auto property.
The website is now featuring video footage of the McLaren MP4-12C and it's younger brother, the MP4-12C GT3 racing thoroughbred. All logos are custom redone for each page to highlight the motorcar, motortruck or motorcycle featured on that web page. This site is utilizing a free parking service at

Automotive SEARCH
Automotive SEARCH features a Google powered custom search engine dedicated to automotive and motorsports listings, and results are taken only from administration approved links. This allows for better search results because terms such as "auto", "automatic", "transmission", "engine", "motor", as well as others, are so widely used for non automotive industry related features on just about everything else. To allow the public to submit automotive related URLs and listings, a search enabled reciprocal link directory of automotive and motorsport related websites and online resources allows the public the ability to suggest listings for the static directory section, which are in turn considered for resource URLs to be used in the search engine. Automotive SEARCH is another Syd's Eastside Auto property which makes good use of HD Web Hosting full featured Linux Apache web hosting.

Autos & Automotive Blog
As the webmaster for Syd's Eastside Auto, I maintained quite a few online presences for them in their interest across the worldwide web network. This allowed us to keep an active profile available to a wider audience than we would normally get by simply maintaining a website. One of these projects includes a blog at Google's Blogster. Blogging (also known as web logging) has become an extremely effective way to get the word about about your website, your business, your causes, even your thoughts and opinions. The blog had positioned itself as a center to get out the word on our individual forums and community discussions, and to create as well as sustain interest in items we featured.


Violin/Viola Teacher & Performing Musician in Sioux Falls, SD
My wife, Maria Peters is a master classic musician and teacher. She is extremely talented and I am quite proud of her teaching skills as well as her talent as a musician. I designed this website for her some time ago. I also function as the web host through my Apache Website Hosting brand, secure her extra vanity domain names ( & at Domain Hostmaster, and act as the webmaster when she (infrequently) requires me to do so.


Dr. Ann McClenahan, ED.D. Psychologist
From a woman's perspective - counseling psychology services for adults and children. Dr. Ann McClenahan is an experienced psychologist with a woman's insight into counseling and therapy. She focuses on women's issues, parenting concerns and relationship problems in the Sioux Falls, SD, area. Although Dr. McClenahan is using one of my free website templates, I incorporated her logo into the design, act as her webmaster and host her website at HD Web Hosting.

My Own Best Customer

You could say that I am my own best customer, as I am actually building several brands to continually develop for my own online business ventures...

Symbiotic Design Trademark Logo - Graphic & Website Design Studio
Of course, I run Symbiotic Design as my main company, and I offer brand rich, search engine optimized, website design and development services from my home office studio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I operate it as a freelance web design studio as well, which allows me to pass the savings onto the customer by being and hiring freelancers as required per job. SD is hosted at Domain Hostmaster.

font-journal TM Logo
offers freeware and shareware PC TrueType fonts for Windows and Linux machines. Mac users can easily convert the TTF file over to Macintosh TrueType format if a Mac version isn't already included in the archive, using a freeware TrueType font converter (another freeware download available on the site). I've been working on this site for years and just recently updated it to use the dynamic system it runs on now. I will send clients here to give me ideas about what they have in mind for a digital typeface when they ask me to design a logo for them.  Armed with a few ideas on taste, I can better meet their needs in a logo design.

W3N.US Short URL Creation Tool
is a short URL Tool. This link shortening service allows us to create shortened URLs as seen in blogs and search strings. It even supports unused custom keyword/vanity short URLs. For instance, the link to my public album of Logos by DP on Facebook is, try to remember that one to give a friend or potential employer! URLs can get even longer, as well. But with W3N.US I created an easy-to-remember short URL, W3N.US tracks traffic to this site as well. Stats can be seen by appending the short url with a plus sign + character ( These URLS are frequently used in applications such as Twitter, where social micro-blogging is limited to 140 characters for compatibility with SMS messenging on digital/cell phones. W3N.US supports the alpha-numeric characters, including letter caps.

Site Domains: All Kinds of Domains and All Kinds of Sites
Site Domains
is targeting the new online business venture by users who are not yet internet gurus. The Site Domains interface offers the user cross-selling pages so that they can get all the products they need to run and promote a successful online business in one visit.  Premium domain names are offered alongside available domain name registrations to allow the registrant the best available business brand options for their new online business. Custom professional design services are available if a customer should need them, taking all of the sting out of going online for the first time. Site Domains offers all kinds of domain name extensions for all kinds of sites, and blogs sites can be matched-up with websites, mobile sites and ftp sites closely in design and function.

Domain Hostmaster - Time to Get Online!
I also run Domain Hostmaster, which is geared for webmasters and online professionals so that they see less cross-selling and hand-holding.  Domain Hostmaster offers total control of your DNS (Domain Name Service) on Domain Hostmaster hosted or parked domains and offers a great deal of many extras along with a truly reliable hosting package and all the site tools and e-commerce software you could possibly want in one place, although no custom design services or premium names are offered so that we do not interfere with our web professional's own online business. Domain Hostmaster's domain registration and web hosting solutions are on one of the largest and busiest and most reliable network operations centers in the world.

Wholesale WorldWide Web Domain Names
or W3 Domain, which are both short for Worldwide Web Domain Names, is where anyone can sign-up to be a domain name and web hosting reseller. This is a great no-inventory business for online professionals. Even companies and corporations can take advantage of the low wholesale rates for significant savings, even if not engaged in large or bulk orders. My staff handles all the customer, billing and tech support, 24/7.

If you are looking for a premium domain name, you can look at my complete portfolio at Domainers.Name.

Premium Brand Name
Some brand name domains that come with finished logos are showcased at PremiumBrand.Name, as well.

High-Def Web Hosting for Heavy Duty Business Websites
HD Web Hosting
is another popular Linux Apache solution that offers bargain prices for full featured business web hosting. This site offers full featured shared web hosting accounts so that you can get the features you need without paying to much. We call it "High Definition Web Hosting for Heavy Duty Business."

Glossary Index: Quick & Easy Dictionary Word Lookup Tool
Glossary Index
is a great little dictionary word look-up tool that you might be able to use.  I am planning to update the database with more technical terms that are common to internet terminology to assist those who need that sort of help, or to check spelling/validity of tech vocabulary. But right now it works well with dictionary words and people seem to like its quick and easy-to-use functionality.

I actually have lots of other websites I could add here, including a wide variety of directories, but the above websites represent the bread and butter of my business. Besides, this is supposed to be the client page, and even though I am my own best client, I don't think I should brag about my online properties too much here, as the portfolio of my own websites is easily and readily available on this site as well as the complete portfolio of domains and sites being available at my Domainer's Name Portfolio.


DP Mark - Trademark & Artist's Mark

Doug Peters' Design & Art Portfolio

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