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Webmaster: Doug Peters as an Old ManDesigner & Artist Doug Peters

Who would have thought I would wind-up doing so much? Really, as a webmaster, we wear so many dang hats that it is absolutely ridiculous. And the joke is that our position includes "master" in the title only because they are fooling us into being slaves to the work. I personally think that every webmaster needs all the help he can get, because it isn't easy knowing and learning everything that no one else wants to.

Anyways, below you will find a few of my own webmastery resources. Enjoy.

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Webmaster Forums 9 TM Logo - 9 Webmaster Forums/Folios -
Webmaster Forums 9 was originally run on the phpBB community forums platform. We are currently investigating a more secure alternative after being hacked at another online phpBB forum we were running. We can no longer trust the free open source phpBB software, the developers are constantly leaving gaping holes in the security that we found absolutely inexcusable. WF9 now shows the same 9 topics of subject matter as folios, or categories, in which advertisers can promote their webmaster resources. It was also branded with a few other domains, such as Webmastery.US.

Flash Design Forums TM LogoFlash Design
Obviously, this was also a phpBB forum for Flash discussions that I was running until my other board was hacked. Its a shame the phpBB software is so terribly full of security holes. We are currently looking at other possible (more secure) forum software solutions. Simple Machine Forums seems to hold some promise for getting this project back on track. The same Flash Design Forums discussion bulletin board was also accessible as Flash, but that may not be the case the when this Flash bulletin board reappears, as we might use that Flash Flames brand for yet another project. However, I do also hold the singular version, the Flash Design name, to prevent confusion in spelling for users trying to reach the site from a different computer than their usual PC. That brand will redirect to the other once the website is back up and live.


Meta Tag and Search Engine Optimization guidelines, techniques, information, tools and resources. Although still under development, I have some big plans for this domain. It will also be backed with the Meta Tag brand, as well.

Page 1 is intended to be an eventual optimization professional's website. The problem with this plan is that I really don't like to do just Search Engine Optimization without the creative aspect of web design, so I may just leave this as a parked domain name instead of creating a new SEO Agency.

Website Promotion & Link Building:

Add URL Engine TM Logo - Add your link URL & descriptive listing to multiple search engines and directories, simultaneously.Add URL
Add your URL to multiple search engines and directories simultaneously. Multiple engine submission for consideration of inclusion in their searchable web content database. Actual acceptance is up to each search engine, but they will need to know about it to include it. Cooperative network of independent search engines and directories. Email verified. The list of selected search engines is configurable. Site includes some basic, but important HTML meta tag information.

Also be sure to check out the Directories & Search section for more places to promote your site and let the world know you are online and happy for their business.


Blare.Info TM Logo - Blogging about Web Promotion, Online Marketing & more...Blare.Info
Although this is my personal and professional blog, I don't actually like the blog software so much. So I am looking into starting it all over unless I can find a way to port it over to WordPress. I might just copy the entries over in new entries and document the date they were written, I don't want to spend too much time on it (I have so little).

PPC Ad Income:

Parking PPC Trademark - Earn Residual Income Displaying PPC Ads on Keyword Rich Domain NamesParking
Domain name parking Pay-Per-Click residual revenue information. Create a recurring income stream by just displaying PPC advertising on your domain name. Simply register a popular search phrase or brand domain and set the name servers to your parking provider's required name servers. As visitors to your domain name ads click through to the advertiser's websites, you split the advertising commission with your parking ad provider. More information on the site, although it does need to be updated again as soon as I have the time.

Along the same principles as the above Parking PPC concept, only instead of offering an empty domain to publish PPC advertising, you are offering your developed web space to display PPC text and banner advertisements which are directly relevant to the information associated with each page. Although this is a great way to monetize simple and free websites, remember that the ads shown compete directly with the information on each page, so it is not a good method of advertising for most commercial websites.

Ad Working TM Logo - Advertising in a New Media Era SMAd
Advertising is a necessary evil once you have built-up a web presence across the web and are a recognized player in the internet community with a good Google PageRank. The Ad Working site offers resources and information on working the advertising game and promoting your business. Remember that just because we are in the new media age doesn't mean that we should ignore traditional forms of advertising. This is especially true for any brick and mortar business, and we highly recommend localized advertising. I personally give the nod to the radio and outdoor advertising venues for impact and return on each advertising dollar invested. But be sure to use both types of advertising for maximum effect, both the presence of mind ads and the call to action advertising systems work in conjunction together to offer the best returns.


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