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Catalog Magazine Cover by Doug PetersWeb Directories & Search Engines:

You have to tell the world that you have a website online in order to get traffic from the search engines. The best way to do this is to blanket the internet with your link and listing describing your product(s)/service(s). The following directories & search engines are my own projects. These are great places to get noticed, but you have to be listed to be noticed. That's why it usually pays to get a paid listing for priority review because we have so many other links yet to review.

Web Directories:

Top Sites Cat TM - A Catalog of Websites Listed by Rank - Top Sites Catalog TMTop Sites
A catalog of top websites listed by rank in a variety of categories. The script responds to the Top Sites Catalog badge & traffic code link using either of the or URLs, and can also be modified to open in a new browser window. Top Sites Catalog is powered by the free Aardvark TopSites PHP directory script.

Hyperlink Directory TM - Premium Website DirectoryHyperlink
Premium worldwide web directory of real resource and information websites. Direct hyperlinks to real websites which do not spam you with advertising from other sites. Let's face it, if they are passing off your business to someone else, they clearly don't want your business or they are not capable of handling it. The Hyperlink Directory is a premium directory which only accepts paid submissions after human review. This means that the websites listed at Hyperlink Directory have invested in a quality, targeted traffic resource and have been found as a valuable resource by a real human being. Hyperlink Directory is backed up by the only other logical alternative misspelling of the domain, Hyperlinks, and powered by a registered version of the php Link Directory script package.

Worthful TM - Worthful Family Resources IndexWorthful.Info
A general subject, G-rated, family friendly, English language directory. This directory is for everyone of all ages. We do not accept listings that are unsuitable for any age group. Free, reciprocal and paid (featured) listings. There is a long wait on free submissions and we only list quality sites with well written listings, so please pay attention to the submission guidelines. We do as little editing as possible and often delete listings with multiple errors. Worthful Family Resources Index is powered by the php Link Directory software.

DirPort TM Logo - Directory &
A website directory, a portal: Are you listed? Remote voting code available for sites (requires free registration). A community supported directory portal. Dir Port is powered by a registered version of the WSN Links directory script software package.

Turkoc TM - Premium Directory Listings
Originally a G-rated, general subject, English language web directory of quality websites worldwide. Turkoc was search engine friendly, keyword optimized directory with direct links and support for Google XML sitemaps. It was a US based directory rejecting poorly designed, spammy, crappy, confusing and/or otherwise worthless websites. Free, reciprocal, paid & sponsored listing submission options were available. Unfortunately, the directory, though very successful, was powered by the Site Sift Listings directory script software which had been hacked by some malicious Armenian hackers because they thought it was a Turkish directory (I just liked the name, although I have since found out that it is a Turkish surname) and because the SSL directory script software is full of security holes (avoid it at all costs). We are currently looking into alternatives where we might keep the old Turkoc directory database by porting it over to a new directory software solution, but at the moment Turkoc is currently listing other web directories.

General Duty TM - General Subject Web Directory for General Audiences of ALL AgesGeneral
Although this one was also a general subject web directory for general audiences of all ages, it too was powered by the SSL directory script and hacked by crackers. Luckily, this one wasn't really started, I was still in the design phase. But I will be putting up a new directory powered by a much more secure software package, soon.

Reciprocate Links TM - Reciprocal Link Exchange DirectoryReciprocate.Info
Search engine spider friendly, keyword optimized, link exchange directory. Reciprocate links with a large, categorized web directory. Inexpensive one-way links also available. Links are good for the life of the listed resource. Active listings requiring a reciprocal return links are checked regularly. If you fail to reciprocate at the URL specified at any reciprocate check scan, your listing may be removed from the directory. A growing business & SEO resource for quality link exchanges.

Free G-rated, general subject, English language web directory. Search engine spider friendly categorized listings. Add your URL for free. Exchanging links is not required though, unless you are running a paid directory or a link exchange that requires specific code, then we expect you will list us since we can't list ourselves (in your directory, not on a partner page). But ALL reciprocal links are very greatly appreciated. US Directory of quality websites.

Dreadnought Directory TM
Dreadnought manages to stay afloat through advertising, and some sponsorship, but it is essentially able to do so based solely on the reciprocal links it has built-up. We appreciate your assistance in promoting a directory which is dedicated to only listing quality resource and information websites. Dreadnought Directory is based on the free distro of the eSyndiCat directory software package. This is the site we are using to try out the software for future registration considerations.

Regional Directories:

S. Dakota businesses and local resources. Travel and tourism information is available for the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, adventure parks, caves, museums, state parks and hunting information. Eastern South Dakota remains the world's capitol for ringneck pheasant hunting. Logo - Regional Directory for Southeastern South
Search engine crawler friendly, keyword optimized, family oriented regional business directory serving the city of Sioux Falls and the surrounding Sioux Empire area in southeastern South Dakota.
Directory for the city of Sioux Falls and southeast South Dakota's Sioux Empire. Free submissions for regional business listings. Affordable one-way links also available. A search engine friendly, keyword categorized, human edited, G-rated directory. The parent to this site (www.) functions as the gateway, but there isn't much there since the forum is no longer seeing use. But the directory address (.dir) continues to function as a community resource. Unfortunately for me, it is constantly spammed with non-regional listings. I need to fix it up a bit and start promoting the directory more. Another local directory is charging more than what Yahoo! does for directory listings and they hardly have any customers or real traffic.

Webmaster Directories:

World Wide Web Host Info DirectoryW3 Host.Info
The World Wide Web Host Information Directory offers listings for web hosts and related hosting, site tools, online promotion, webmaster resources and related information. Learn the web hosting business, become a reseller, generate income displaying PPC advertising, get web design or development help, learn search engine optimization, build up your incoming links and find the website tools and software that you need. Find the resources webmasters need. Reciprocal link required for web hosting and site related resources.
Niche directory specifically targeting quality webmaster resource links. httpmaster is currently offering resources for vital internet services such as domain name registration, domain tools, web hosts, dedicated server providers, collocation resources, webmaster forums and articles, web design resources, site development resources, directories to promote your website and even other webmaster directories. If you have such a webmaster related resource, you are encouraged to leave your link, no reciprocate link is required.

Niche Directories:

Automotive SEARCH Directory Logo - Auto & Motorsports Dedicated Directory &
Searchable directory dedicated to automotive and motorsports listings. A reciprocal link exchange directory specializing in automotive and motorsport niche topics. Submission to the directory also acts as a suggestion feed for the human approved URL resource pool required for our search results. Only a reciprocal link is required to list automotive/motorsport related sites. Paid listings and ads also available. Automotive enthusiasts and car clubs are encouraged to leave their automotive/motorsports website or web page links. The directory is powered by php Link Directory, while the front search engine is a custom search facility powered by Google.

Directory of Directories:

DexDir TM - Index Directory (Index of Indexes / Directory of Directories)
DexDir is an index (dex) of directories (dirs) that is currently under development. It is powered by WSN Links and will have reviews and voting code for each directory listed. The directories initially listed will be from my private stash of web and niche directory resources which I use to promote my websites and online resources on the web to establish brand presence. Banner advertising program is also available.

Web Search:

Heavy Duty Web SearchHeavy Duty.WS
Heavy Duty Web Search is a new search engine based on the sphider search engine. I'm still working on this one (obviously).

Scavenge.Info TM - Scavenge the internet safely for what you need.Scavenge.Info
Scavenge the information you need from the web without all the useless spam and advertising. Avoid the pornography and useless unrelated results. Powered by the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine software package.

Automotive SEARCH Network LogoAutomotive SEARCH.Net
Automotive SEARCH is a cooperative effort of networked automotive and motorsports enthusiast volunteer editors to make a custom search engine which is dedicated to providing automotive and motorsports related search results. Automotive Search is powered by Google through their cooperative search partnership program. uses a defined pool of editor approved automotive and motorsports related websites to pull search results from, which allows for a true automotive search engine that isn't confused by others trying to corner the market on the term "auto" for automated link exchange programs and things which are not remotely related to the automotive industry. Volunteers approve only non-spammy related URLs for results.

Word Search:

Intended as an all-in-one internet and tech dictionary and terminology phrase book which would be cross-indexed as a thesaurus, we are still looking for a software engine to power this concept. If you know of one, please contact me and let me in on the secret. Otherwise we may eventually have to write it ourselves one day (someday).


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