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RoadKill (1st Image) & RoadKill Abstract (RollOver Image upon Mouse Hover) by Doug Peters Web Design Stuff from Designer & Artist Doug Peters

Below you will find resources and information for web design. If you are a do-it-yourself-er, you might want to check out a few of these.

Web Design & Development

Website building has been my life since 1995. I not only design websites, but I customize scripts or preside over custom web application development. I and a partner designed and developed a custom content management system for Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc. which allows online users to search their current inventory at the website. The database is cross-indexed with the Hollander Interchange to allow people to find parts which are interchangeable across makes, models and years.

I can setup websites that are easy to administer so that you or your employee can keep it updated with the latest news, information, events and specials. And you won't have to worry about ruining the design of the site, because you will simply be adding and modifying pages that utilize the same design template.

I have done smaller informational websites, as well. I pride myself in taking care of small business with search optimized websites that target the appropriate visitors by paying special attention to the keywords and copy of a website. The code I write invites search engines to come back and crawl the website for updates on a regular basis. And before I'm done I've setup tools to help in online promotion and have actually told quite a few key players about your website so that you have a start in ranking well with continued effort.

For me, search engine optimization is a part of the website design process. The crucial optimization techniques I use are included in almost every single website I build unless you need to bargain for a better price. Even then, because I am an optimization professional, I am not making the mistakes other so-called designers make.

Web Design related Google Groups

I also run a few related groups at Google Groups. Particularly, the Web Design and Development (WD&D) group comes to mind, and you will see its badge in the right side panel of these pages, which points to the website address we are developing. It is the most popular, but I also run a few others of related subjects. Below, they are listed by their Google Groups address...

The Websites & Other Online Resources

Some of the above Google Group resources will have home pages that are sprinkled throughout these listings. But the Websites & Other Online Resources section is intended to list web friendly media websites, blogs, forums, portfolios, directories, etc. The following include the web design related stuff from that long list of resources.

Design Templates:

Templates/Templets TM - Website Design Templates (or Templets)
Templates/Templates is about web design templates. It is co-branded as Site Templets, as well. Some web designs are static and there are a few designs intended for dynamic applications. Some Flash navigation elements will also be available.

Flash Web Design
Although this domain is long, it is the exact keyword phrase many use to search, and find Flash Web Design Templates.

It seems that the English may use the word templets more than Americans, but obviously the words templates and templets are completely interchangeable.

Navigation Elements:

Easily configured and customizable navigation elements such as Flash menus, buttons and navbars. No Flash knowledge or program is required to run this software! Flash Player is only required to view them in a browser, and that is installed on most system browsers or is easily added. Also branded as Flash Add & Menu


Font-Journal TM - A font
A simple catalog of font resources, offered alphabetically, without pop-ups and spammy advertising. This is a different font showcase, as it includes freeware, shareware and licensed digital type fonts by displaying the character set, offering a file download only for free and redistributable shareware fonts, or a link to the official distribution site for fonts requiring a license. This project was born under the desire to allow my clientele a safe place to check fonts without being blown away with spam and viruses often found at the free font websites. In order to ensure that the site stays safe, the website is mostly static to avoid malicious hacking attempts and the few scripts available on the site are secure scripts. Still under development, but it is taking some time to finish due to the nature of static websites. Submissions are accepted from the rightful copyright folders of fonts, and their authorized agents. If you are a font designer, by all means submit a few and I will be sure to get them online as possible. This will be like a nudge in the side to get with it and finish the site, as well.

Web Design Components:

Flash Extension TM - Flash Design & Development Extensions, Tools, Navigation Elements & UtilitiesFlash
Flash MXP extensions, information and resources. Flash add-on (plug-in) MXP extensions allow you to easily expand Flash with applications that offer utilities and tools which can make Flash design and development a breeze. Easy navigation builders also available for the web designer or webmaster who is not well oriented with Flash that do not require Flash to use, only Flash Player to see the final product. Aligned with the Flash brand.

Cascading Style Sheets web design tutorials, techniques, tips & designers.


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